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About Kate Knapp

The work you see here is only a small example of the paintings that I have done over the years. Since most of you probably cannot drop by my studio in Housatonic MA I am grateful you have the opportunity to stop by here, my internet studio. Welcome to the modern art world... I have been studying painting seriously for over forty years. Provincetown MA was where I began painting full time at the Impressionist Cape School of Art with Henry Hensche.

The world of color and light was opened to me at that point and continues to be at the heart of my work. Over the years I have become more interested in the Expressionist outlook and try to communicate through my work really how I feel about the subject I am painting. I try to paint from my heart, as it were, not so much from my head. I am very inspired by the work of Soutine and Charles Burchfield, to name a few. Both of these artists are well known for their personal interpretations of the world around them. Robert Henri is also an ongoing inspiration. His ideas set forth in his book "The Art Spirit" ever remind me how important it is to have an honest relationship with what ever it is I am trying to paint.

By that I mean, be true to myself and stay as connected to my heart felt feelings about the subject before me as is possible. Landscapes, portrait or still lifes are all of interest to me. Wherever I go, my eye is in love, and I am very grateful to have this life of painting to share with you.

Please contact me with any questions about prices or comments at FRONTSTSTUDIO@AOL.COM or call 413 274 6607. More info also available at Portrait commissions are welcome, Family, Dogs, Cats, Horses, Houses etc...

Artwork in oils and watercolors

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